Workshop 3: Drafting an action plan for Spaç

Moments during the drafting of the action plan. | Momente nga hartimi i plan-veprimit.

Moments during the drafting of the action plan.

Workshop three, held in Gjirokastra, December 18-20, 2014, was the culmination of all the efforts, knowledge and experience gathered by the participants during workshop one and workshop two.

During these three days, beyond the visits to particularly interesting Communist-era and world heritage sites in Gjirokastra and discussions about the present usage of Communist-era heritage, the work focused on the drafting of a detailed action plan.

The action plan was the result of breaking down the three objectives from workshop II into concrete actions. Participants worked in three groups, one per objective, so that each person’s knowledge or expertise related to the needs of their specific objective. This session concluded with the presentation and discussion of each group’s work with all the participants.

The results of this last workshop of the Dialogues project will soon pass through a public consultation process, which will further enrich the action plan.

For more, download the full report of Workshop III by clicking here.

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