Second workshop: Envisioning a future

Gjetë Gjoni, a resident of Kodër-Spaç, presents the vision statements formed by his group | Gjetë Gjoni, banor i fshatit Kodër-Spaç, prezanton deklaratat e vizionimit të formuluara nga grupi i tij

Shkodër | 30 October – 1 November

The first ‘Dialogues’ workshop was focused on creating and strengthening the working group’s knowledge about Spaç, so that we could all have a clear understanding about the current situation and the issues surrounding the site. The goal of workshop 2 was to mobilize all of the knowledge from the first workshop, information brought to the table by different stakeholders, along with the experiences and expectations of the participants, in order to:

  • Identify and highlight the values of Spaç
  • Converge toward a joint vision of Spaç in the future
  • Understand the operational context of museums in Albania and abroad
  • Define clear and realistic objectives on the road to turning the former prison into a museum

Like the previous workshop, the methodology focused around discussion among the participants, punctuated by short presentations, small group working sessions, presentations from the participants themselves and visits to concrete examples. Following Mirdita, Shkodra was chosen as the host site for the second workshop for two reasons: 1) to be able to visit one of the most recent examples of a place of suffering that has been turned into a museum (the Place of Witness & Memory, Shkodra), and 2) to emphasize that Spaç and the fate of Communist places of persecution more broadly are an issue with national importance.

Group work to formulate future objectives for a museum in Spaç | Punë në grup për të formuluar objektivat e ardhshme për një muze në Spaç

Group work to formulate future objectives for a museum in Spaç | Punë në grup për të formuluar objektivat e ardhshme për një muze në Spaç

For three days, 15 participants from various institutions, organizations and interested groups (see list below) highlighted the primary values of Spaç, using these values as the basis for formulating a joint vision statement for the future of the site. In addition, examples of similar sites from around the country and abroad were also considered, as possible approaches to creating a museum. One of the primary results from workshop 2 was the formulation of clear, operational objectives for Spaç, which will guide the creation of an action plan—giving life to the identified priorities. This action plan will be developed during Workshop III.

The topics covered during this workshop were:

  • Value analysis
  • Vision statements
  • Studying similar models and the legal framework of museums in Albania
  • Formulating objectives

If you would like to read more, you can download the full report from workshop 2 by clicking here.

Institutions and groups represented:

  • Former political prisoners from Spaç
  • Orosh Commune (local government)
  • Local residents
  • Ministry of Culture: Directorate of Material Heritage and Museums
  • Institute for the Integration of Former Politically Persecuted People
  • Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism: Directorate of Territorial Development
  • Society of Former Politically Persecuted People, Shkodër branch
  • “Spaç Prison Museum” Association
  • Students of journalism, University of Tirana
  • Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB)

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