Mind maps: places of memory

For the final activity of the workshop, participants broke into three groups and compiled mind maps of Spaç, indicating the aspects that stood out to them the most out of all of the information gathered over the previous two days.

The following images show the process of compiling the mind maps:

As you can see in the illustrations below, we tried to combine some of the most important elements mentioned, on the base of which we can build a more complete map of Spaç.


A mind map concept that illustrates well the moments, events and feelings that participants found particularly meaningful during the testimonies of the former prisoners. It could also be a good way to explain the former prison to the generations to today’s youth. Click on the image to enlarge.

Mind Map - Group 1  | Hartë mendore - Grupi 1


A functional, descriptive approach to the mind map, primarily focusing on places. (Following the workshop, CHwB staff outlined this map on a computer, so that the details can be read more easily). Click on the image to enlarge.

Mind Map - Group 2  | Hartë mendore - Grupi 2


This mind map concentrates on the ‘core’ of the prison complex, using various symbols to represent important places and events. Click on the image to enlarge.

Mind Map - Group 3 | Hartë mendore - Grupi 3
UPDATE: Click here to download the full report from Workshop 1.

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