Why now for a project about Spaç?


Spaç is a place that serves as a cornerstone in the history of Albanian pluralism. But paradoxically, even this place, where freedom once provided the first sparks of the inevitable movement toward liberation from totalitarianism, remains today in a state of limbo regarding its future.

In recent years, there has been tension in Albania between oblivion and memory when it comes to the material traces of the Communist period. Some see places like Spaç as the “ghost of the dictator” and would destroy them in an attempt to expunge his memory. Others would preserve them as memorials to the victims of the regime or reminders of what life was like. But while this race to achieve a monopoly on memory produces no results, prisons, forced labor camps and other prominent structures of the system of persecution during Communism are disappearing from the landscape entirely.

In this context, where both the places of persecution and the people who suffered in these places are dying, an entire subset of social memory faces the danger of oblivion.

The Spaç project seeks to fight this oblivion through open dialogue and a constructive framework for thought and action, in order to escape from the inability to formulate a public response about the future of these monuments to our history.

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